giovedì 28 settembre 2017

Incredible watch JOKER

As you can see here this is a clear example of an incredible watch....very well made at an incredible low price ! Lets say an incredible fair at the big brand....or some indie as well this price is stunning ! 
Normally for a watch of that beauty made by a big brand or some indie his price tag would have been thousand and thousand $£$£$£ if not million of $$$
Very well done to Konstantin Chaikin for this beauty.....and compliments to make me laugh every time I look at it. 

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Post war beauty CABESTAN

When the number of rivets and polishing matter !
This a clear example of what an incredible mind can envision.....
 Not my pic.......

giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

The incredible bronze of the zelos !

This is the abyss from zelos watch, the quality is amazing the box, the watch roll etc etc it's super high end !
Also the bronze of the case is very good quality and so the clasp !
As you can see from the Pic.

martedì 8 dicembre 2015


.....we discover who was the bidder behind the incredible reference 5016A-010....this is what our horological dream are made of.....Tourbillon, Minute Repeter, Perpetual Calendar, Retrograde date the only one in stainless steel....and last a unique blu enamel dial made on a rose gold was sold in Geneva this past November in occasion of the ONLY WATCH charity we go..Was Hammered to Pual Maudsley's collecotor through telephone bidder....

And now lets have a look at what the telephone bidder and room collectors fight for.......

Wow...what a timepiece ! Amazing really worth the fight !

Lastly we discoverd that the winning bid belonged to........ BRAD PITT !! 
Yes you have read it correctly Brad Pitt is the owner of that marvel ! Congratulations Brad.....thanks for helping such a chiarity event.

See you at Only Watch 7th edition !

Incredible piece.....

This is the IP1 almost everyone out there they will know the Manufacture...But partucilar this model property of one of the most famous and well known watch collectors in the world...I had the priviledge to have it on my wrist and play with it for a few what an emotion..thanks my friend to give me this opportunity...along with all the other pieces that you showed me. Hope to see you soon my friend....

giovedì 17 gennaio 2013

New entry !

 I bought this a few months ago just to keep up my collection ! 

Look at quality of the's quite High level even if it is not so expensive at all ! 

...I would say very cheap indeed !

Just one shoot that's it !

Look at the quality of the finishing.....very accurate ! 

I would say the quality of the finishing is very close to some of the middle range swiss calibre, if you look at the blued screwed the color is really uniform all around the screw ! 

...even if you look at it carefully you can't find any scratch from the screwdriver into the screw head....that means the really pay attention during the assembly !!

Also the buckle and the leather strap are very well made ! High level manufacture ! 

lunedì 3 settembre 2012

Some Thai mascot!

New arrival from a trip to Thai!!!

Very interesting trip, good people, fantastic culture, nice food ( grasshopper.....worms...etc etc...taste nice...first ever on my life)!!

Buddha temple....

...a lot of funny things.....

...and good memories!!!